Documentation related to SOPE (SKYRiX Object Publishing System)

This page does not remplace the main documentation page of SOPE. This allows me to give you some feedback during my use of this framework.

SOPE is interesting because:
  1. the application server (NGObjWeb) is written with WebObjects compatibility in mind. So you can reuse most of Apple's documentation on that topic.
  2. The WebObject 4.5.1 is the last version which is supposed to be compatible to SOPE (it was written also in ObjC).
    Note that starting with WebObject 5.0 the application server was rewritten from scratch in Java. The current version of WebObject is 5.3.
    One drawback using SOPE is that sope-gdl1 is only roughly compatible with the EOF framework which was provided with WebObject 2.0 (EOF 1.1). For compatibility with a recent ObjC/EOF version, one can check out GDL 2.
  3. The latest version of SOPE (4.5) implements support for Apple CoreData objects (as implemented in Mac OS 10.4). This allows to use the code developped in ObjC to create both desktop and web applications. Your are then of course restricting the use of SOPE on the Macintosh (SOPE may be used on Linux when using EOF clone).
  4. The project is under LPGL and runs on both Mac OS X and Linux.
  5. With SOPEX, you can build self hosting web application (AppKit application using WebKit to display their content generated by SOPE).

I have written a first document describing how to build SOPE from scratch on Mac OS X 10.4.5.

You can find a second document describing how to configure Apache to serve SOPE application on Mac OS X 10.4.5.