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The site provides links and information about : SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and MIB (Management Information Base)

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lexmark1.mib: Lexmark MIB information utility file

SNMP Management Information Base (MIB) file documenting the Lexmark enterprise MIB (LEXMARK-PVT-MIB) as implemented in the Lexmark MarkNet Pro, Lexmark MarkNet S, MarkNet XL, and MarkNet XLe adapters. Package version 3.1.5.


AXIS.MIB - 57.4KB - posted on 02/01/99

This file contains the Axis Print Server MIB File. The AXIS Print Server MIB is intended to be used with any SNMP tool. This MIB gives possibilities to both monitor and configure your AXIS Print Servers over the SNMP protocol.

HP LaserJet

You can download the MIB files for HP LaserJet printers at the following URL:

In the Partnering Program Opportunities section click on the link Enterprise & Workgroup Solutions (Laserjet, MFP, Digital copy/send). In the Resources box clink on Public SDKs. From the Product Line pulldown list select Printer Management. From the Select Folder pulldown list select Printer Specific MIBS.


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