I - How to install TrackBird client for Mac OS X with a GUI application

  1. Copy the "trackbird_macx_installers.zip" file on your Desktop
  2. Double clic the "trackbird_macx_installers.zip" file in order to unzip it on your Desktop
  3. Open the "trackbird_macx_installers" folder
  4. Configure your AppleScript named "trackbird_macx_installer.scpt" (do this only once for your users)
  5. Build your Applet (AppleScript application) named "trackbird_macx_installer.app" (do this only once for your users)
  6. Double clic the icon of the "trackbird_macx_installer.app" application (the extension ".app" may be invisible)

This Applet (AppleScript Application) will :

II - What is the content of these files

If you have to tailor these files for a specific need (for example, to use the proper parameters of the tool "nbinstmacx"), we will detail the content of these differents files.

1 - Content of the folder "trackbird_macx_installers"

Open a terminal and type :
$ cd ~/Desktop/trackbird_macx_installers
$ ls
nbinstmacx trackbird_macx_installer.scpt

2 - Edit the script "trackbird_macx_remove.scpt"

In order to edit the script "trackbird_macx_installer.scpt", double clic on the file icon to launch the application "Script Editor".


Open a terminal and type :
$ cd /Applications/AppleScript
$ open Script\ Editor.app ~/Desktop/trackbird_macx_installers/trackbird_macx_installer.scpt


Open a terminal and type :
$ open /Applications/AppleScript/Script\ Editor.app ~/ Desktop/trackbird_macx_installers/trackbird_macx_installer.scpt

The content of the file "trackbird_macx_installer.scpt" is :
tell application "Terminal"
do script "cd Desktop/trackbird_macx_installers
chmod a+x nbinstmacx
sudo ./nbinstmacx -server="
end tell

NB : You have to change the parameters of the nbinstmacx tool. The syntax should be :
sudo ./nbinstmacx -server=IPorName [-port=80] [-alias="trackbird"] [-installPath="/Library/Application Support/tbclient/"] [-version]
We see that the parameters port, alias, installPath are optionnal.

NB : You have to use the double quotes "" for the parameters alias and installPath in order to have the shell escape the space characters :
sudo ./nbinstmacx -server=IPorName -alias="trackbird" -installPath="/Library/Application Support/tbclient/"
For example : sudo ./nbinstmacx -server= -port=80 -alias="trackbird"

3 - How to build the Applet "trackbird_macx_installer.app"

  1. Open the script "trackbird_macx_installer.scpt" with "Script Editor"
  2. Choose the "Save" As" command in the "File" menu
  3. Chose "Application for format
  4. Uncheck "Startup screen"
  5. Save your Applet as "trackbird_macx_installer.app"