ASG Product Fix
Author : Philippe Laval
Product Name : TrackBird
Product Version : 3.2
Build : 747
Component Name : Solaris Clients


  • New code for software detection (all directories are now rooted in a "/" folder).
  • Reduction of the size of the "xxx.nbi" file (for unknown applications)
  • Implementation of "directory exclusion" during software detection
  • Implementation of XML "user data" import
  • Debug support in collector
  • Fix a bug in the software detection : We are now filtering filesystems in another way :
    - tmpfs, mntfs, proc, fd, nfs mount point will NOT be scanned.
    - other type will be scanned (this includes ufs, autofs and vxfs).

    Before the fix, only ufs, autofs mount point were scanned (not vxfs from EMC)

    We will suppose that the TrackBird client for Unix has been installed in the standard folder, that is : /usr/local/tbclient.

    New options for the software detection

    The applications detection code (known or unknown version) was modified. The main news are the opportunity to :

  • create an xml file with all detected applications (/usr/local/tbclient/data/softs.xml).
  • reduce significatively the size of the file xxx.nbi in order to reduce the network bandwith necesserely to send the "unknown files" to the server.
  • to exclude some folders from the the hard disk walk (in order to gain time during the detection).
  • These options are indicated with an xml file (named "softs_params.xml") located in the folder "/usr/local/tbclient/data".

    For example, create a file "softs_params.xml" in the folder /usr/local/tbclient/data to indicate the client that the xml file (with all detected applications) should not been generated but that the size optimisation of the file xxx.nbi is active. The excluded folders will allow the detection on Solaris 8 to be faster (this has to be adapted based on the filesystem and Operating System).

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <directory path="/Mail"/>
            <directory path="/Office51"/>
            <directory path="/TT_DB"/>
            <directory path="/cdrom"/>
            <directory path="/dev"/>
            <directory path="/devices"/>
            <directory path="/download"/>
            <directory path="/etc"/>
            <directory path="/export"/>
            <directory path="/floppy"/>
            <directory path="/home"/>
            <directory path="/kernel"/>
            <directory path="/lib"/>
            <directory path="/lost+found"/>
            <directory path="/mnt"/>
            <directory path="/net"/>
            <directory path="/nsmail"/>
            <directory path="/platform"/>
            <directory path="/proc"/>
            <directory path="/tmp"/>
            <directory path="/var"/>
            <directory path="/vol"/>
            <directory path="/xfn"/>

    Import of user data in the TrackBird database

    A new option allows to import user data in the TrackBird database.

    In order to do it, we have to figure out the identifiants (or ID) of elements or characteristics in the TrackBird tree.

  • Switch to DEBUG mode in TrackBird Server and choose the "Administration/Fields" menu.
  • Choose the element or characteristics then do a right clic droit and choose "Properties".
  • Use the "debug" tab and note the elem ID or carac ID.
  • Build an xml file with these information.
  • For example, create the file "user_data.xml" in the folder /usr/local/tbclient/data.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <element id="1027">
        <keyword id="65542">Philippe</keyword>
        <keyword id="65543">Laval</keyword>
        <element id="1029">
        <keyword id="65544">Sophia Antipolis</keyword>
        <keyword id="65559">Centre ABS</keyword>

    Debug support in the collector

    In order to better report problems during data gathering, we have enabled the collector to report it's behaviour. You simply have to add a [DEBUG] section in the "/usr/local/tbclient/data/netbird.cfg" file.


    NB : The entry LogPath is not mandatory. If it is not present, the collector will assume "/usr/local/tbclient/data/trackbird_client_log.txt" as default value.
    The entry "LogFlag" should be 1 to enable the output of debug information.
    The entry "LogFlag" should be 0 or not present to disable the output of debug information
    The entry "LogLevel" should be 3 for the moment being to see most debug information.


    1. Quit TrackBird Admin IP
    2. Copy all components (xxx.cnb) to the "components" directory (default : C:\Program Files\ISTRIA\TrackBird IP Server\VirtualDir\files\components).
    3. Launch TrackBird Admin IP.
      1. Validate the new CRC found by TrackBird Admin IP.
      2. Save your configuration in order to distribute the new components in the collection points.