How to upgrade your software glossary on the client

In TrackBird Server, use :

  1. the menu item "Administration/Software Glossary/your_platform" where "your_platform" could be Macintosh, Solaris, etc.
  2. Adjust the "Type" to "Known software" for the softwares you want to be reported in TrackBird Server.
  3. Close this window.
  4. use menu File/Create collection disks

    Click on Yes

    You should see this window showing the Knowledge base generation.

In TrackBird Admin IP, use :

  1. the "Save" icon to save your configuration.

    This will take the knowledge base (in <%NB_SERVER_PATH%>\kbdata) and build the file nbkb.cnb. This file is copied in the differents groups.

    This file "nbkb.cnb" will be downloaded to each client and contains your upgraded software glossary.

Let the collector run again on the client with the upgraded software glossary.

In TrackBird Server, if you use the tree vue, you should see entries for the new applications (see below for an example on Solaris).