How to build a disk image containing the Mac OS X Installer

I - Create an installer

You first have to create an installer (tool or GUI).

We have setup some files for you to do an installation or a clean installation (removing the previous installation and installing the new client).

Refer to the document : "Installing the client with a GUI application" to tailor these files with your parameters.

A lot of usefull information is also present in these documents :

II -Procedure to build a disk image containing the GUI installer

The procedure is easy :

  1. Create a folder "trackbird_macx_installer" on your Desktop.
  2. Copy your GUI application "" or "" in the folder "trackbird_macx_installer"
  3. Open the application "Disk Utility" found in "/Applications/Utilities".
    In a terminal window, you may enter :
    $ open /Applications/Utilities/Disk\
    or double click on "Disk".
  4. Select "Images/New/Image from folder" in the menu. Select the folder "trackbird_macx_installer".
  5. Choose "comprimed" for the format of the disk image
  6. Save your disk image to your desktop as "trackbird_macx_installer.dmg"
  7. "Internet Enable" you disk image.
    In a terminal window type :
    $ hdiutil internet-enable -yes ~/Desktop/trackbird_macx_installer.dmg
    (For more details, refer to
  8. Copy your disk image "trackbird_macx_installer.dmg" to the PC running 'TrackBird Admin IP".
    It should be located in the folder : "C:\program Files\ISTRIA\TrackBird IP Server\VirtualDir\files\install" if you have installed "TrackBird IP Server" in the folder "C:\program Files\ISTRIA\TrackBird IP Server".